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Our Mission (AUFORN)

When you have task of finding the best UFO sightings and everything about them, you have to have a mission and stick to it. Our mission here at UFOlogist magazine is just like AUFORN – the Australian UFO Research Network’s policy. We take a scientific approach towards investigating the phenomena with an open mind in a professional manner. We spend our time to search for evidence of a UFO cover-up and we look for reports from pilots, public servants and military personnel who reported close encounters with UFO’s in our aim to find the truth.

We believe there is enough circumstantial evidence to prove the existence of UFOs, and we believe that UFOs shouldn’t be kept as a secret from society.

Close Encounters: An Examination of UFO Experiences

There are many known best UFO sightings and experiences that make us wonder if there are realistic evidence that UFO’s and aliens exist. We’ve done the research and listed through all the possible examples and encounters with possible UFO’s which is why we’ve examined the lists of the most recent UFO experiences in USA and worldwide. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Back in 1967, a US Air Force RB-47 which had the most advanced monitoring equipment was tracked by a UFO for more than 700 miles in Topeka, Kansas. In the same years, there were some of the best UFO sightings in Brazil and Spain, when two fishermen watched a crash of a UFO and managed to retrieve fragments of the UFO, and in Spain when numerous crews from 4 fighter bombers watched a large UFO and a smaller UFO during the night for a few minutes.

A decade later, in Vashon Island, Washington State, USA, three men reported that they sawe a shini saucer shaped craft, and amazingly – it froze the pond over which it had hovered.

From the recent sightins, we should mention that there were daily sightings of UFO with videotape footage from tue US Navy along the coasts of Virginia and Florida. And in January 2018, in California there were a lot of reports that there was a large groups of UFOs in three different locations.

The Most Credible and Best UFO Sightings and Encounters

Besides the few we mentioned above, there are a lot of credible UFO encounters, and we’ve done the research as well on them. We present you the list of the best UFO sightings that you better believe happened:

The Nancy Sighting

Back in 1982, a unit from France which had the task to investigate UFO sightings, saw a UFO gaining a speed and altitude which was impossible for a man-made craft at that time. The sighting was confirmed by the biologist M. Henri and his wife, and according to their reports, they were watching it for more than 20 minutes. Unfortunately, they couldn’t take a photo as their camera was jammed.


Japan Airlines Flight 1628 Incident

A cargo flight from Japan Airlines were carrying wine from Paris to Tokyo and reported seeing strange flashing colorful lights that were following their aircraft over Alaska. It was reported by The New York Times during the FAA investigation, and in the end, the investigation didn’t lead to a definitive conclusion.

Chicago O’Hare Airport Sighting

United Airlines staff and the pilots at Chicago O’Hare Airport all reported seeing a flying saucer hovering over the airport terminal on an overcast day, and soon after, it shot up in the air very fast, it even punched a hole in the clouds. The FAA reported to The Chicago Tribune that it was a “weather phenomenon” and it didn’t investigate the case.

Popular Books and Movies About Aliens, ET and UFO

Since the best UFO sightings have caught the eye of the public, many of the book writers and movie producers took it upon them to wake the interests in people, which is why they created some of the most amazing and thrilling books and movies. Of course, the aliens, UFO’s and ETs are a very interesting subject that allows you to express your creativity. We’ve done the research for all the fans of the best UFO sightings, and we present to you the best books and movies you should know of:

  1. Alien (Movie, 1979)
  2. The Three Body Problem (Book, Liu Cixin)
  3. T. The Extraterrestrial (Movie, 1982)
  4. Prometheus (Movie, 2012)
  5. The Left Hand of Darkness (Book, Ursula K.)
  6. Ender’s Game (Book, Orson Scott)
  7. Avatar (Movie, 2009)
  8. Star Trek (Movie, 2009)
  9. All Star Wars Movies
  10. Alien: Out of the Shadow (Book, Tim Lebbon)

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Conspiracy About Area 51, USA

People storming the Area 51 in USA might seem like a silly thing to do, but the conspiracy behind it gives this a rational explanation. It is believed that the Area 51 is where the government hides the secrets about the truth about the aliens, and it is the people’s right to find out what it is. Some say that there are live aliens here too.

Best Recent UFO Stories

If you like reading news about the UFOs and the best UFO sightings, you need to be vigorous and follow all sites that can offer you credible information about the latest and most recent UFO sightings and stories. Of course, these things happen very often, it is almost indisputable that they are real, you just need to know everything there is. So, don’t miss out on anything and keep on researching and investigating.