Australian ufology describes a historic collection of Australian happenings and all sort of tasks related to all government departments, individual civil or Australian teams, which concentrate on or even around the unidentified trip research study item records (UFO), sightings, experiences and also various other similar phenomena, referred to as ufology together with the Australian context prior to 1984.

A UFO spotted in Australia on Google Earth

A UFO user in Australia thought he saw a flying saucer flying over a road on Google Earth. He offers a video that traces his research. Info or nerd?

We find strange things on Google Earth or Maps. Latest event: the appearance of a UFO (unidentified flying object) in the form of a flying saucer over an Australian Road according to a functional website.

An Australian UFO that joins Nessie and the alien on the Moon – According to Scott C. Warning, editor of this site, one can observe on Google Earth (coordinates: 38 ° 40 ‘30.16″ s / 145°39’2.57″E) A UFO wandering over the road (see illustration below). It’s hard to say whether it’s an optical effect or something else (reflection in the camera for example), but this info will certainly join the list of visions of this kind on Google tools: an alien on the Moon, The Loch Ness Monster, Atlantis, unknown pyramids or an unexplored forest. Waiting for more finds, of course.


The first reports on UFOs on and also around the return date Australia before 1947. Nonetheless, the case of Kenneth Arnold (June 1947) and the Roswell occurrence (July 1947) ended up being global press short articles and appeared in Australian newspapers.

The first conference of fanatics of UFOs happened in Melbourne in 1949 busy of Aeronautical Research recently established by the Federal Government (ARL). The mins of the non-governmental meeting show the participation of 23 lovers from various state and local teams, like the British Society of Interplanetary, The Royal Aeronautical Culture (RAS), the Republic Aircraft Firm (CAC), the Royal Australian Flying Force (RAAF) as well as the Military Study Facility. Might 1949, this celebration of enthusiasts was known as Aeronautics as well as atmospheric phenomena Research study (AMPR) guided by Jack Seers and Brian Boyle. AMPR began to list as well as explore UFO tales and composed a little periodically publication which was called as interplanetary Saucer.

Federal government

The structure of the Australian Federal government goes to three levels. The most affordable level is that of the neighborhood council, that is, above the state government as well as above it sits the Federal Government. Throughout the contemporary period of Australian ufology, federal government divisions have played the leading role of official Inquisitor. The Federal government of the State plays a minor role; nonetheless, archival evidence exposes that when a state organ involves its primary goal is to pass the instance to the government round.

The Air Force of Australia leave ufology

January 4, 1994, RAAF commander wing Brett Biddington, in support of the Chief of the team of the Air, reported to all local groups UFO around Australia. That “The number of reports submitted to the RAAF in the last years has actually significantly reduced, which might suggest that companies such as yours are much better known and remain in compliance with the demands of the neighborhood.” RAAF was as a result not to explore or assemble one of the most usual reports of that date. Although RAAF has formally removed from the public record collection phase, there is proof that internal investigations by other federal government departments continued under the new title of uncommon aerial phenomena (UAP) or unusual aerial sightings (UAS). The so-called” 1996-Defense guidelines (general) ADMIN 55-1″, this 1996 Division of Protection policy record (DOD) much better-called concerns ‘ADMIN 55-1’ UAS plan remains to be utilized.