No one knows what life will be like on other planets, but cinema has presented us with a great variety of aliens, to which more strange: Martians, Venusians, bio raptors, mimics, pods, insects. Now Juan Luis Sánchez and Luis Miguel Carmona (J. J. Abrams: from Lost to Star Wars, Combat of Giants: Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra and other giant monsters from Japan, James Cameron. The king of the World) review the most memorable extraterrestrials in film history in Alienciopedia.

The Book

Luis Miguel Carmona tells us how they have divided the book: “First there is an introduction where the theorists of life in other worlds and those who have had touch with these beings do not stand very well. So they won’t call us for UFOlogist programs (here you should get a sad emoji). Then, already in the dictionary plan, we have selected them according to the most relevant films of the genre. Almost all Anglo-Saxon (rather American), except for the original South African District 9 movie and the relevant Terror in the Italian Space Mario Bava, mostly because it derives part of Ridley Scott’s Alien”.

“Each card,” adds Juan Luis, “has numerous photos of the being in question, and then there is the talk of his” intelligence, “powers, capabilities or weapons,“History “and “Film data.” The structure recalls the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and the like. It was the idea of the editor, Lorenzo Pascual, of Diablo, because there was nothing like extraterrestrials.”

Here you have a list of the best movies with extraterrestrial contacts:

  1. Encounters of the third kind (1977)

Written and directed by Steven Spielberg. An Indiana electrician experiences a UFO encounter. This fact changes his life completely, becoming obsessed with a mountain and five musical notes.

The story comes out of the typical story of an extraterrestrial invasion, which caused the reception of the film by critics and audiences to be very good. It was nominated in eight categories for the Oscars. Finally won the Award for the Best Photography.

  1. Saga Alien (1979-1997)

It consists of four films that mix science fiction with terror. They have in common the story of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley fighting an alien form that sneaks into the spacecraft she commands.

The result of the first of these,” Alien, the eighth passenger,” came to light three sequels, numerous comics, four novels, and several video games. The films that mixed the alien from the saga with Predator, another alien monster, have also had quite an impact. The adventure, initiated by Ridley Scott, has generated a prequel, “Prometheus,” and its second part is scheduled for 2017.

  1. T. The extraterrestrial (1982)

He is the most endearing and recognizable alien in Film History. In his encounter with Eliot, an American child, a close relationship of friendship and curiosity will emerge.

Steven Spielberg’s second movie that sneaks into our TOP today. What you may not have known is that the alien is based on an imaginary friend of the director, who created after the separation of his parents.

  1. Signs (2002)

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Mel Gibson, a former priest who lives moments of disagreement with the beliefs he professed. One day, he discovers some circles in a field of cultivation, which is joined by new rings located in other parts of the world. Who’s causing them?

  1. District 9 (2009)

On this occasion, extraterrestrial beings are in Johannesburg. For more than twenty years living with humans, extraterrestrials have been placed in a ghetto in District 9 of the city.

The film’s argument serves to introduce topics such as xenophobia, privatization, or forced evictions. Critics have widely acclaimed the movie although it is not without controversy: it shows Nigerians as criminals and cannibals.