Ufologists have long claimed that extraterrestrials exist and that they even visit the Earth regularly. While there are still stories of UFO sightings being routinely heard around the world, there are fewer and fewer people making these observations. This is reported this month by the two main sites that say UFO sightings, the National UFO Reporting Center and the Mutual UFO Network.

But then what happens? Would the extraterrestrials gradually lose interest in the Earth? Or maybe the explanation is somewhere else.

Where are the UFOs?

The peak in UFO sightings was recorded in 2014, and since then, reported cases have started to decrease drastically to reach 55% of the cumulative total for that year. In the meantime, governments declassified and published many previously inaccessible documents, which UFOlogists relied on to say that we are being kept in the dark. And many UFOlogists have even begun to recant.

There are several possible explanations for people’s growing disinterest in extraterrestrials. And the first explanation could be that fewer and fewer people are concerned about UFOs and other supernatural apparitions. We are bombarded today with information of all kinds coming from all sides. Whether it’s the media, the politicians or the advertisers, they’re all over the news, so we have less time to worry about UFOs.

Also, natural disasters and problems multiply, and so people are concerned enough not to worry too much about extraterrestrials.

Technology is also involved

According to culture historian Stuart Walton, ” the belief in UFOs is declining, as are many other things that relate to the paranormal. One reason is that the technology to provide evidence of these phenomena is now widely available to everyone with a smartphone, and the supposed evidence, as found on YouTube, is extremely fuzzy. »

For Walton, belief may exist without proof, but the fact is that it must avoid verification to remain a belief. So, by trying to prove that UFOs and extraterrestrials exist, well, fewer and fewer people believe in them!

The five most controversial UFO sightings in history

Every day, in some corner of the world or several, at least one person looks at the sky and sees, or believes in understanding, an unidentified flying object that does not belong to this planet. Among all these sightings, some are more plausible, others are recorded, some are corroborated by more than one person, and a few transcend the barrier and are coined by public opinion almost as a real or confirmed fact. Taking these cases, this is a list of the most famous Ufo Story.

The first UFOs in history

The first recorded case of a UFO sighting was in 1947, in the United States. However, some researchers and experts in ufology believe that UFOs have always been there, the thing is that we hadn’t named them that name and they hadn’t started to relate to each other.

Without going further, some argue that several UFO sightings are written in the Bible, such as the very Star of the Bethlehem portal, a body (flying in the sky and no one knew what it was) that emitted much light and moved through the air marking the way for the Magi.

Other UFO scholars point out that mythology tells stories of abductions and abductions carried out by beings who might be extraterrestrials.