A UFO hunter tells us his experiences on Montserrat mountain – When someone tells you that their main hobby in life is UFO sighting, you have two choices: you believe it or you think you’re in front of a fucking geek and you drop an’Ah, ok ‘. On the 11th of every month, the inhabitants of the mountain of Montserrat, just over 40 kilometers from Barcelona, find themselves in a dilemma. Since 1977, dozens of ufology fans, sometimes hundreds on Summer Nights, gather in what they call the ‘Magic Mountain’ next to their guru, Luis José Grifol.

This nearly 80-year-old’ contacted ‘claims to be able to communicate telepathically with the UFO crew, whom he calls’ angels ‘ or ancient gods. In front of a stunned crowd, amid the absolute darkness and at the top of the UFO Esplanade —the place where they meet to observe— throws their questions about a possible Third World War, an interplanetary catastrophe or the role of extraterrestrials in the future of human evolution.

From skeptic to believer in record time

“To me, this whole 11 meeting in Montserrat sounded like a total cult. One day it occurred to me to approach with all my skepticism and see if anything happened or was just a sectarian movement. To my surprise, I met a multitude of people who claimed to have had eye contact, some of them even telepathic, with UFOs, so I decided to collect them and investigate them,” explains Francisco Rocio, mystery researcher, and Griffon’s right-hand man, on the other side of the phone.

Microphone in hand, Fran Rocio gathers the explanations to the audience of Luis José Griffon.

For the last seven years, this Electronics Technician has been a regular at the meetings of the group of ‘11 in Montserrat’ coming to experience in their flesh the same inexplicable phenomena as the other ‘initiates,’ as he refers to the hardcore of the group. “UFO encounters go far beyond seeing lights, ships or extraterrestrials in the skies. No one is expected to get there and see a UFO come down. This phenomenon does not always occur and is not perceived the same all over the world,” he points out, avoiding adding sensationalism to the issue.

No gray dwarfs and flying saucers

The reality, however disappointing it may be for some, is that what these people claim to see are the so-called “tracer ships.” These are luminous points on the horizon that seem to move in the sky responding to the requests of Guru, Grifol. “These lights make zigzag movements, ascending, descending at impossible speeds and have no explanation, but they do seem to have an intention of communicating with those who observe them,” the researcher says.

For skeptics who think they are just shooting stars, Recio has a strong response: “they are much more glittering and have nothing to do with the normal trajectory of a star or satellite. I have been watching with military satellite telescopes or the International Space Station for years, and they have nothing to do with it.” Moreover, the researcher claims that well-known television personalities have tried to dismantle sightings without success.

“I don’t like to say names but the winner of the Planet Award, Javier Sierra, went up to Montserrat and on more than one occasion has talked about his experience confirming the phenomenon. Also, television cameras from several countries have been able to capture these lights, so their existence is more than proven,” adds Recio, who, of course, acknowledges having no idea what they are, where they come from or what these luminous phenomena are intended to be.

Montserrat, a magical place

“It is very complicated, and the Griffon himself says that ‘they neither come nor go, they are.’ He likes to call it the Angels of the past. It does not refer to Lords with wings but to those beings of the sky that appear in the Bible and other cultures such as the Dogon of Africa or the Sacred Book of the Mayan Popol Vuh. There has been the talk of Pleiades or Sirius, but they are only interpretations”, sums up the Catalan that opens the door to it being a spiritual, interdimensional phenomenon or even the visit of time travelers. “Maybe it has multiple origins,” he says.

But, although all these theories sound crazy, The Legend seems to support his words. Precisely, the site of the Monastery of Montserrat, the mystical and religious epicenter of Catalonia, is due to the account that in 880 some local shepherds observed in the sky an intense light that led them to a cave where they found the image of the Virgin of Montserrat, ‘La Momenta.’ It was then that the bishop of Manresa had the monastery built at the site of the discovery.

Beyond that it is amply shown that the size it is a piece of Romanesque of the 20th century, there are certain speculations about the powers of the ‘magic mountain.’ Some even believe that the Holy Grail would be being hidden by the monks of the monastery, the 23 of October of 1940, prevented the head of the SS Nazi, Heinrich Himmler, was to do with the precious relic.” In Montserrat there are a series of telluric currents that make it a prone point for this type of phenomenology and paranormal experiences, ” Recio says.