Who are we and what is our statement of purpose

About this magazine

We are an independent publishing company called Earthlink Publishing [Aust] Pty Ltd. We publish the UFOlogist magazine Hard Evidence magazine with Diane Frola being the editor of Hard Evidence magazine.

Diane & I are constantly asked ‘Who is behind the UFOlogist magazine, the answer to this is easy, we are Robert Frola & Diane Frola own both the UFOlogist & Hard Evidence magazines there are no organizations connections, we have no committees or other shareholders, we have no political leanings or affiliations and no religious leanings or affiliations. It is a business that we believe in and we have faith and work hard in making these magazines a success.

The UFOlogist magazine is staffed by enthusiasts who want to ascertain the reality of UFO & Paranormal enigma, and we welcome all information in an attempt to promote a greater understanding of this phenomena. This is achieved with an open mind and developed, logical, unbiased and structured approach.

Many people ask where do you get your information from? We get it from the ever-growing numbers of contributors & readers from around the world, we talk and share information with others in the field in the hope of finding answers to this ever on going mystery the "UFO & Paranormal Phenomenon.

We do global networking through E-mail networks web pages and we subscribe to dozens of journals, magazines and newsletters keeping informed with any ground breaking information that comes to hand.

Being the editor of a magazine like the UFOlogist magazine not only takes a great deal of commitment it takes a very deep passion for the subjects presented within the pages of the UFOlogist magazines.