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by Jerry Smith

ISBN 0932813534 BB

The HAARP project in Alaska is one of the most controversial projects ever undertaken by the U.S. Government. Jerry Smith gives us the history of the HAARP project and explains how it can be used as an awesome weapon of destruction. Smith exposes a covert military project and the web of conspiracies behind it. HAARP has many possible scientific and military applications, from raising a planetary defense shield to peering deep into the earth. Smith leads the reader down a trail of solid evidence into ever deeper and scarier conspiracy theories in an attempt to discover the whos and whys behind HAARP, and discloses a possible plan to rule the world. At best, HAARP is science out-of-control; at worst, HAARP could be the most dangerous device ever created, a futuristic technology that is everything from super-beam weapon to world-wide mind control device. The Star Wars future is now! Topics include Over-the-Horizon Radar and HAARP, Mind Control, ELF and HAARP, The Telsa Connection, The Russian Woodpecker, GWEN & HAARP, Earth Penetrating Tomography, Weather Modification, Secret Science of the Conspiracy, more. Includes the complete 1987 Bernard Eastlund patent for his pulsed super-weapon that he claims was stolen by the HAARP Project.



Unearthing the Phoenix Conspiracy

by K.B. Wells, Jr.

ISBN 156184134X EAR

The complex trail of the Montauk Files begins with the infamous 1943 Philadelphia Experiment in radar invisibility The path incorporates the scraps of evidence left at a desolate Air Force station at the eastern tip of Long Island – scraps of mind control experimentation and other questionable activities that were undertaken after the base had officially ceased to function. A multitude of connections begin to emerge through various people, places and government agencies which weave an unusual tapestry ending in a personal involvement that could never be suspected.



Howard Hughes, Onassis and JFK

by Kenn Thomas and David Hatcher Childress

ISBN 0932813666 EAR

It’s the most notorist rant in the history of conspiracy theories! Hughes Aircraft stealing Roberts’ rubies in 1960 for use in laser weapons research. the internecine warfare between Aristotle Onassis and Howard Hughes. The prelude to a down-under counterpart, the Kiwi Gemstone, detailing secret power machinations from the 1980s – the Nugan Hand bank scandal, Iran-contra, BCCI – to the present. Assembled by Kenn Thomas, this book brings the reader closer than ever to the Gemstone intrigue, some of wildest, most controversial material in the history of conspiracy.



Were We Controlled?

by Kenn Thomas and Lincoln Lawrence

ISBN 0932813461 EAR

Was Lee Harvey Oswald a mind-control subject? Did Oswald receive a small electronic implant while in Russia? An implant inserted into a subject’s skull t aid in the control and manipulation of a subject. Does the terrifying mind control technology known as R.H.I.C.-E.D.O.M. exist to cloud men’s mind? Did a secret group operating from Europe, Argentina and the U.S. use Lee Harvey Oswald in an early mind control experiment using a combination of Radio Hypnotic Intercerebral Control and Electronic Desolution of Memory to create different personalities and ‘mind-control assassins’?



by John Robison, A.M. 1798.


Very few people are aware that the intense drama of our twentieth century – the life and death struggle between capitalism and Communism, freedom and slavery – has its origins in the late eighteenth century. Few are aware that in 1776, Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon law at Ingolstadt University in Germany, founded the Illuminati Order, a conspiratorial organization which all of the goals, aims and methods of what we know call Communism.



by Bonnie Gaunt

ISBN 1931882169 BB


ALICE IN WONDERLAND &WORLD; TRADE CENTRE DISASTER: Why the Official Story of 9/11 is a Monumental Lie

by David Icke

ISBN 0953881024 BB

Icke at his controversial best tackles the terrible highjackings on Sept. 11, 2001 with an extensive and controversial assessment of what really happened. Chapters include: The Real Agenda behind 9/11; The Bush Crime Family; -Big Dick- Cheney; Rest of the Gang; Play It Again, Scam; House of Cards; Where Were You on 9/11?; The -Highjackers-; Prior Knowledge; War on Sanity; -Bin Laden Did It-; Behind the Movie; From Here to Eternity; more.



by David Icke

ISBN 0953881059 BB

David Icke exposes the real story behind global events which shape the future of human existence and the world we leave our children. Fearlessly, he lifts the veil on an astonishing web of interconnected manipulation to reveal that the same few people, secret societies and organizations control the daily direction of our lives. They engineer the wars, violent revolutions, terrorist outrages and political assassinations; they control the world market in hard drugs and the media indoctrination machine. Every global negative event of the 20th Century and earlier, can be traced back to the same Global Elite, and some of the names involved are very well known. Never before has this web, its personnel and methods, been revealed in such a detailed and devastating fashion. He reveals that the same few people, secret societies and organizations, control the daily direction of our lives. Never before has this web, it’s personnel and methods, been revealed in such a detailed and devastating fashion. If you don’t want our view of life to be transformed then steer clear of this book. Icke reveals the esoteric background to the global conspiracy and offers an inspiring spiritual solution in which every man, woman, and child on Planet Earth breaks free from the daily programming — the Coup d’etat on the human mind — and take back their infinite power to think for themselves and decide their own destiny. His words are designed to inspire all of us to be who we really are, to fling open the door of the mental prison we build for ourselves, and to walk into the light of FREEDOM. Chapters include: The Veil of Tears; The Birth of the Brotherhood; Master Plans; Master Races; The Secret Government; Pyramid Power; The Super Elite–the Black Magicians; The One Party States; Psychological Fascism; The Global Village; We Are the Prison Warders; more.



by Len Bracken

ISBN 0932813720 BB

Veteran conspiracy author Len Brackens witty essays and articles lead us down the dark corridors of conspiracy, politics, murder and mayhem. In 12 chapters Bracken takes us through a maze of interwoven tales from the Russian Conspiracy (and a few extra notes on conspiracies) to his interview with Costa Rican novelist Joaquin Gutierrez and his Psychogeographic Map into the Third Millennium. Other chapters in the book are A General Theory of Civil War; A False Report Exposes the Dirty Truth About South African Intelligence Services; The New-Catiline Conspiracy for the Cancellation of Debt; Anti-Labor Day; 1997 with selected Aphorisms Against Work; Solar Economics; and more. Brackens work has appeared in such pop-conspiracy publications as Paranoia, Steamshovel Press and the Village Voice. Len Bracken lives in Arlington, Virginia and haunts the back alleys of Washington D.C., keeping an eye on the predators who run our country. With a gun to his head, he cranks out his rants for fringe publications and is the editor of Extraphile, described by New Yorker Magazine as fusion conspiracy theory.



by David Icke

ISBN 0952614766 BB

Icke reveals in documented detail how the same interconnecting bloodlines have controlled the planet for thousands of years, and how they created all the major religions and suppressed the spiritual and esoteric knowledge that would set humanity free from its mental and emotional prisons. The Biggest Secret also exposes the true and astonishing background of the British Royal Family and, through enormous research and unique contacts, he reveals how and why Diana, Princess of Wales, was murdered in Paris in 1997. Chapters include: The Martians Have Landed? -Don’t Mention the Reptiles-; The Babylonian Brotherhood; The Suns of God; Conquered by the Cross; Rule Britannia; Knights of the Sun; Same Face, Different Mask; Land of the Free; Money out of Nothing; Global Babylon; The Black Sun; Under the Influence; Satans Children; Where Have All the Children Gone?; The Secret Language; All the Queens Forces and All the Queenís Men; The Goddess and the King; Breaking the Spell; more.


CHILDREN OF THE MATRIX: How an Interdimensional Race Has Controlled the World for Thousands of Years and Still Does

by David Icke

ISBN 0953881016 BB

More of Icke on his controversial theories of the ìreptilian-Illuminatiî and their age-old control of mankind. Contents includes: Life Beyond the Bubble; The Challenge; The Plot; To the Prison Born; Designer History; Ruled by the Gods; Atlantis Revisited; Blood Brothers; The Unholy Alliance; Serving the Dragon; The Shape-Shifters; The Dragon Queens; Faces of the Serpent Cult; God Save Us from Religion; Serving the Dragon; Calling the Demons; Suffer Little Children; "Spiritual" Satanism and "Christian" Conmen; The Matrix; The Gatekeepers; The Illuminati Bloodline; Hitler was a Rothschild?; The Jewish Voice of Reason; more.


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