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On The Road To Roswell 2007: A Discussion With Dr. Tom Van Flandern

by Tom Horn

Lead Me To Your Taker

by Dr. Rohan Mazlin

Uni-versal (or Unified-Diversal) Reality and the Alien Presence

by Anonymous

Psychic Spies

by Nick Pope

Anomalous Zones of Russia: Arkaim Town

by Lavrentyeva Natalya

Is Anybody Out There?

by David Whitehouse

The Drake Equation

by Steve Colgan

Cover Up Cafe: “Where All The Recipes Are Secret!”

by Jason Cowland

Wayne Barlowe: The Benchmark for Alien Illustrations

by Steve Colgan

The Roswell Legacy: An Interview With Jesse Marcel Jnr

by Philip Mantle

Have We Found Another Earth?

by David Reneke

Old Adelaide Gaol: Shadows From The Past by Jeff Fausch

Mystery Space Machines: An Update

by Jeff Rense

A Brief Summary of Meteorite & Bolide Sightings in Puerto Rico – October 2007

by Luz Guzmán

Lost Technology of the Ancients

by Pitaya

Summary of Important UFO Cases in Puerto Rico – February 2006

by Luz Guzmán

Planet With Three Suns Discovered

by David Reneke

Guest Editorial: Sean Stubblefield

News & Reviews: Daniel Sims

UFO History Keys: Bill Chalker

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