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Hard Cover
By David Ritch

Although this book may not be definitive, as its subtitle claims, its emphasis on the paranormal aspects of UFOs does make it unique. Ritchie admits his bias toward the paranormal explanation, arguing that it is more consistent with the reports of sightings, abductions, and related phenomena. For the most part, Ritchie has opted for artists conceptions rather than photographs since, he believes, no convincing UFO photos have ever been taken. There are two to three entries per page covering people, places, events, science fiction films, and topics like belief systems, New Age Movement, and religion. Extensive cross references help users track down entries. Also included is a highly selective bibliography of books published in the 1980s and 1990s. This work will help anyone from high school on up explore this ever-fascinating mystery. John Spencer’s UFO Encyclopedia (Avon, 1993), a similar A-Z guide with a British slant, can serve as a complementary resource. Highly recommended.


– Hard Cover
By Jenny Randles

If you have ever dreamt of making contact with a UFO, this is the book for you! Did you know that a UFO sighting occurs somewhere on the planet every three minutes? Witnesses come from the great cities of America and the rolling English country side to the remote Australian bush and the depths of Scandinavia. This book is from them – as well as for all those who are intrigued by the UFO phenomenon and wish to and out more.



– Hard cover
By Alan Baker
Illustrated. Bibliography.

A complete A-Z for professionals and amateurs alike. Kenneth Arnold’s sighting in 1947 of a formation of objects in the sky over the Cascade Mountains, Washington State, began an obsession that has come to occupy a central position in the mythology of our times. In the I’ve decades since then there have been thousands of reports of UFOs, of alien contact experiences and of abductions, giving rise to a plethora of books, films, documentaries, magazines and research projects on the phenomenon.

In bringing together information from all these diverse times, locations and sources, The Encyclopedia of Alien Encounters is the first book of its genre to provide a definitive historical reference work, detailing all the events, encounters, personalities and theories that have created this fascinating held of human experience and enquiry. By concentrating exclusively on alien and nonhuman encounters, the author is able to treat the subject comprehensively, going into far greater depth than any existing encyclopedia of the paranormal.

Alan Baker’s intelligent, impartial text at last offers a reliable, witty and authoritative source of information for professionals and amateurs alike, setting it apart from all the other other literature on the subject, and making it an essential companion.


– Soft cover
By Dr. Virginia Bennett

Foreword by Michael Miley, editor UFO Magazine, Illustrated by Bill McDonald

When author hypnotherist Dr. Virginia Bennett awake from a strange dream in which she morphed into a preying mantis, little did she know that it was the beginning of a strange adventure, which includes a woman with alien eyes as a house guest and a career helping experiencers and abductees makes sense of their other worldly experiences.

Always maintaining an attitude of discernment, UFOs tells the story of alien visits to our dear green Earth from the days of antiquity to the present. Learn what happened at the Army Air Base in Roswell New Mexico, including the alien autopsy. Delve into the government cover-up and discover the MIB and Men in Black, suspected government agents who appear from nowhere, after which no one wants to discuss what they saw and experienced. Find out who the woman with the alien eyes was and what she wanted. UFOs doesn’t stop here. Crop circles, weird and frightening chupacabra, lizard lovers and alien kisses are included.

Are people really being abducted by funny small grey creatures with big eyes? And if so, is it part of a plan to bred a new race? What are the so-called “implants” that have been taken out of abductees1 noses and ears? Some people speculate that implants are a kind of tracking device. Others believe that they’ve been healed by implants. What’s going on here? Is this real? Who are these people who call themselves ufologists? What goes on during hypnotic regression?

UFO sighting have been reported by people of all ages, races, political persuasions and socioeconomic groups, including police officers, Air Force pilots, a U.S. president. Along with house wives, farmers, and your man on the street. One rules seems to hold seeing is believing.

UFOs is a playful, yet informative book is illustrated by Bill McDonald, a world leading UFO artist and features a Preface by Michael Miley, editor of UFO Magazine. It is easy to read at all ages and makes a wonderful gift. Be careful in reading this book you, too, may get hooked!


– Hard Cover
By Alan Watts

Takes a closer look at those beings who have a benevolent interest in the continuing welfare of Earth’s inhabitants – and those who don’t.

After A lifetime of studying the UFO subject Alan Watts is convinced that not only are extra-terrestrials visits to our world fact, but that the continued presence of the UFOs over the last fifty years has produced a change in the human awareness. In this sequel to his internationally successful UFO Quest, he explains how we have been receiving direct communications from deep space for over twenty years.


– Soft cover
By Virginia Bennett

The XYZs of UFOs – reported by thousands of credible witnesses from jet pilots to ranchers to a US president. Bennett introduces the reader to the most graphic incidents and evidence of UFO history including the famous Roswell Incident, Farmer Bill Meier’s photographs, alien abduction accounts, and the disinformation campaign.


– Soft cover
By Curt Sutherly

Filled with anecdotes and insider information, UFO Mysteries chronicles fifty years of UFO occurrences in the United States and Europe, from Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 sighting over Mt. Rainier to the wave of triangular UFO sightings over the U.S. and Great Britain during the 1990s. Derived in part from Strange Encounters, the author’s earlier book, this updated and expanded version combines a journalistic style with worst-person recollection to give the reader a fresh and remarkable view of the UFO phenomenon. Included are fifteen rare photographs from a private collection, among them a previously unpublished UFO photograph mailed anonymously to radio station KYW in Cleveland, Ohio.


– Soft cover
By Lynne Kelly

Can a human being really burst spontaneously into flames? Just how deadly is the Bermuda Triangle? And what’s the real story behind all those alien
abductions? The answers to these and many more questions are within these covers. Guaranteed to liven up any diner party, this book offers explanations for many phenomena which appear to defy known science.


– Soft cover
By Dr. Roger K.Leir, D.P.M

Dr. Roger Leir has finally and dramatically laid his cards on the table. His carefully documented surgical removal of possible alien implants from individuals reporting UFO abductions can no longer be ignored.


– Soft cover
By Alan Watt

“If you enjoyed exploring the universe with Stephen Hawking, you’ll love considering the possibilities of UFOs with Alan Watts UFO Quest is one of the most refreshing books available….Watts reasons that UFOs can and do exist, and he uses science to explain why. UFO Quest is a must-have for the open-minded amateur investigator or the science.


– Soft cover
By Nike Pope

This is a very informative novel about UFOs and alien abductions, which show how the government and military cope with an increasingly intrusive and hostile alien presence. It draws on my government work on UFOs and is a ‘what if novel that reflects some of my concerns about the defence and national security issues raised by the UFO phenomenon. The book is a techno-thriller that draws on real crisis-management procedures. In this way I give what I hope is as realistic a view possible of what might really happen if we found ourselves facing an overt extraterrestrial threat. The book needed to be cleared by the Ministry of Defence prior to publication.


– Hard cover
By Joel Achenbach

In energetic, engaging prose, Washington Post staff reporter Achenbach (Why Things Are) introduces readers to an eclectic mix of scientists, millennialists, channelers, UFOlogists, debunkers and true believers who have been captivated, if not captured, by the notion of extraterrestrial life. The central figures are Carl Sagan (“a visionary, a poet of science, a quote machine for reporters on deadline”) and Frank Drake, who promulgated a famous equation to predict N, the number of intelligent, communicating civilizations likely to exist in a galaxy like ours. In 1975, Drake estimated N to be 10,000; Sagan guessed a million. Urged on by Sagan and Drake, scientists have tried to eavesdrop on cosmic chat. Nearly 25 years later, the scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence has continued to reveal nothing, in Achenbach’s view, beyond static and the optimism of its advocates. In addition to respected scientists, Achenbach travels to a UFO convention, where he meets a man convinced that the aliens have the medical technology to cure his aching back and that President Clinton traveled by spaceship from Arkansas to New York (it took 15 minutes). ET is here, say many of those Achenbach interviewed, but we don’t believe the evidence because of government deception and cover-ups. Achenbach’s book can be appreciated for its assortment of characters and for its witty style. Whether N is one or one million, and whether intelligence is the result of deliberate creation or natural evolution, he concludes, we are privileged to be members of a species able to wonder about it.


– Soft Cover
By Robert Lambourne, Michael Shallis, Michael Shortland

A study of the role of science and scientists in science fiction. The authors examine the historical development of the genre, tracing its roots, exploring its relationship to “real” science, and attempting to assess its cultural impact. Discussion focuses on major themes such as time travel, politics, religion, ecology, and disasters.


– Soft cover
By Manfred Cassirer

This is a most rare UFO book, not only for being a thoughtful analysis, but also that it approaches the phenomenon from a parapsychological perspective. Although there are some minor factual errors, including more than the usual grammatical fiubs (even Fort’s name is misspelled), this is not the work of a sloppy thinker.

In Dimensions of Enchantment , Manfred Cassirer operates very much in the tradition of Charles Fort. That is, Cassirer presents and uses case data in the pursuit of larger game, as Fort used the strange and inexplicable to formulate a philosophy of an indeterminate universe. And like Fort (although perhaps more workmanlike and certainly less humorous), Cassirer has provided cases of strange phenomena that can be enjoyed all by themselves. But to simply get a kick from reading one case after another and going no further would be missing the point. Thus, while one can read the many stories of UFO percipients and derive pleasure from their unusual and enchanting essence, one can also see that these cases are being employed to extrapolate common features which may begin to suggest certain possibilities as to their origin and nature.

Nonetheless, Cassirer doesn’t make an effective case for UFOs as parapsychological so much as he demonstrates that the extraterrestrial hypothesis, based on the data, is absurd. The thrust of the book is not what these phenomena are, or even a serious attempt at an explication. Rather, it is shown that whatever is behind UFO events operates at a frequency beyond our current comprehension. That is not to say that all of its manifestations are incapable of being understood, as the undeniable physical aspects of UFO encounters are noted.

What Cassirer seemingly reveals, but never fully exploits, is that percipients are interacting with an intelligent, oscillating energy. An examination as to the origin and purpose of this energy certainly seems within the scope of this work. One can hope that, in the future, Cassirer will focus his attention more directly on the nature of these phenomena and attack the mystery and not merely acknowledge that these dimensions have an ineffable quality.

There is much to praise within these pages; Cassirer has formed his opinion after looking at the parameters of these events, and he is not averse to challenging the conclusions of others in the field. A theme running throughout the book is the slamming (correctly, I believe) of American ufology. One can only conclude that he is quite knowledgeable in this regard. Therefore it is intriguing that he states that “hoaxes are comparatively few and far between. Knowing the state of affairs in the United States should have led to the conclusion that hoaxes are commonplace. If they aren’t, then we have wrongly denigrated a legion of authentic photographs of otherworldly vehicles!

Dimensions of Enchantment may break little new ground for European ufologists, but it is practically revelatory for an American ufology stuck in a rut, an American ufology unwilling to break the bonds of the nuts and bolts position. For those adventurous souls willing to cut through Cassirers often dense prose and to drop all pretense of knowing the UFO phenomenon, Dimensions of Enchantment should earn a permanent spot on the UFO bookshelf.


– Hard Cover
by Kevin D. Randle, Russ Estes, William P. Cone

A well-written anti-abduction perspective on alien encounters that systematically examines and refutes each argument used by abduction proponents. Although Randle (UFO Crash at Roswell, not reviewed), Estes (who has interviewed scores of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens), and psychologist Cone admit to having had alien encounters and other paranormal experiences, they conclude that every phenomenon theyve investigated had a natural explanation. The authors worst present the benign visitation accounts from the 1940s and `50s, which evolved into single-event abductions and later into multiple-abduction accounts. They even present the case of an abductee who claims to have come from a family of abductees. Throughout the book, the authors mention news accounts, science fiction books, and movies, part of the common culture, that can account for some of the parallels among various abductee reports. Abduction researchers, some with whole chapters devoted to them, are attacked for creating stories that fit together seamlessly. Not only are these researchers tending to report only the pieces that fit their theories, but they use techniques such as hypnosis and even “the leading question method to make the subject highly suggestible and induce memories. The book divides those who have encountered aliens into “contactees and “abductees. The former tell of getting a ride on the alien ship and perhaps a glimpse of the future. The latter tell of hybrid alien-human fetuses, bodily implants that appear and disappear, and the ubiquitous rectal probe. A whole chapter is devoted to the sexual components of abduction accounts, ranging from cold dispassionate reproductive experiments to sex-starved space travelers who seem to enjoy “sex for the sake of sex. These three self-proclaimed believers have actually debunked every paranormal abduction phenomenon with a well-reasoned terrestrial explanation. (Radio satellite tour)


– Soft cover
By David M. Jacobs

Jacobs knows that people think he’s crazy. He is a bonaifide historian at Temple University–and a leading UFO researcher. He has interviewed, mostly under hypnosis, hundreds of people who say they have been abducted by aliens, and he thinks he’s worked out why they are here–and it’s not Whitley Strieber’s mystical, New Age vision of cosmic harmony. Rather, it is interspecies breeding, because the aliens cannot reproduce themselves. “The aliens are conducting a widespread, systematic program of physiological exploitation of human beings, he states. Jacobs gives vivid, detailed descriptions of the alien/human hybrids and mating and fetal implantation procedues, based on the accounts given by his interviewees. You can classify this with Star Trek or engage in a willing suspension of disbelief, which might be allowed Jacobs on the assumption that he, a solid academic, and the many, many people he interviewed–with similar accounts uninformed by prior knowledge of other abductions–can’t all be crazy.

Mind Control, Oswald JFK: Were We Controlled? by Lincoln Lawrence, Kenn Thomas

This Classic Book on Mind Control returns to print with additional commentary by veteran conspiracy author Kenn Thomas.

WERE WE CONTROLLED? Was Lee Harvey Oswald a mind-control subject? asks Lincoln Lawrence in this incredible conspiracy book worst published in 1968. Did Oswald receive a small electronic implant while in Russia?

WERE WE CONTROLLED? Tells of a small transistor device implant inserted into a subject’s skull to aid in the control and manipulation of a subject. Does the terrifying mind control technology known as R.H.I.C.-E.D.O.M. exist to cloud men’s minds?

WERE WE CONTROLLED? Did a secret group operating from Europe, Argentina and the U.S. use Lee Harvey Oswald in an early mind control experiment using a combination of Radio Hypnotic Intercerebral Control and Electronic Desolution of Memory– R.H.I.C.-E.D.O.M–to create different personalities and mind-control assassins?

WERE WE CONTROLLED? By the Warren Commission and the Press into believing the lone-nut theory?

WERE WE CONTROLLED? Blows the lid off secret government mind- control experiments and shows us the most frightening aspect of the JFK assassination uncovered so far.

This is the underground classic of the JFK assassination and mind control. Jonathan Vankin, co-author of 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time.



– Soft cover
By Ophiel

Gives all the necessary theory and directions to enter the astral plane, function there, and return with memory available.

This is a great book! It actually makes it clear that there are different types of projection corresponding to the different levels of energy configuration of the body and our perception of other realities. For example, at the ethericlevel, the energy body is very similar in shape, size and senses to the ordinary physical body. This is the only body you can use to see things in everyday life since the etheric plane is the only plane really close to the physical body. In the astral plane, he talks about lower and higher – the lower astral is more like our normal body with twisted normal(why is the door handle on the wrong side of the door?) or angelic scenery, while the higher astral becomes more shapes, lights, symbols – where you might just be a glow instead of a well deed body. Ophiel also gives great techniques – a great system for exploring the nearby, actual geography of your residence, for example; a way of projecting into symbols; a way of building a body of light; a way of working with dreams. He is ultra clear and ultra concise. He is sometimes annoying with his occasionally grumpy old man style of writing. Sometimes he is hilarious – a great, down to earth sense of humor. This book was old when I worst read it as a teenager in the 60 ograve;s. There is a reason why this irrascible writer has stayed in print all these years!


– Soft cover
By Edain McCoy.

Detailing six different methods of astral projection, McCoy shows how to gain a broad awareness of other realms of existence, explore other worlds, engage in astral sex with loving spirit partners, and build sturdy psychic self-defense barriers.

This book is perfect for beginners who want to find how to Astral Project. It has lots of useful information and lots of techniques for astral projections. I suggest you get this book if your a beginner because after all that°òs what it°òs for. And it°òs well worth your money.


– Soft cover
By Carolyn North

What – or who- is making mysterious circles in the countryside? And why? In the 60s two men claimed it was a hoax they’d dreamed up over a pint of beer. But crop circles have appeared by the 100s all over the world each year in over 3000 complicated designs – and no-one has ever been seen making them. What is really going on here?


_ Soft cover
By Jon Whistler

The end of Time is near! The Time Loop is drawing to a close!

In his best selling book, One Light, John Whistler unveiled the Great Illusion used to control the lives of everyone on Earth.

Now he reveals the Matrix of time, which ties Human Consciousness to the Dance of Time. He tells us when and how it was built, and how it operates to imprison Mankind.

By moving his consciousness through past life experiences spanning many millennia, Jon Whistler traces the journey of his Ego from its pristine state to that of total involvement in the Illusion, as it sought to reach the highest levels of control in the world.

The Arch-Demon, Razparil works unrelentingly to capture and possess Human Egos, often referred to as the Souls of Men. So, too, did he work to capture and possess the Ego of Sizzond.

Traverse eighteen thousand years of deception, futility and fear. But also there is great love and hope, as the Ego of Sizzond struggles to regain its Light.

This, too, is your journey, paralleling your own travels through the Loop of Time. We are all connected by the fine thread of consciousness, which binds us together – as ONE.

This book will unlock your consciousness further, setting it free from an Illusion. As the Time Loop is destroyed, you will find the freedom to live in your Light, and will give that Light to the Earth. The Earth will ascend in Joy, free from the ravages of the Illusion. And your freedom is at hand!


– Soft cover
By Dolores Cannon

UFO sightings and abductions by alien were the beginning, the tip of the iceberg Dolores Cannon°òs work in hypnosis has taken the study beyond abductions. This book is an accumulation of twelve years of case studies which include, missing time, space craft from other dimensions and planes of existence, condensed or distorted time, alien and Government cooperation and bartering, implants and much more.


– Soft cover
By Dolores Cannon

The D.Cannon books I-III contain a great deal of information on Nostradamus°ò techniques, which came from a variety of sources. First, he acknowledges he was born with an inner “sixth sense”, i.e. a strong intuition and great psychic abilities. Secondly he had enormous drive to develop it. His grandfather apparently passed him books on witchcraft that allowed him to experiment with some rituals. He also had access to “lost” manuscripts handed down outside of the libraries of the time. He talks about guides from the astral plane and from other worlds who helped him. Some pointed him in the direction of esoteric plant recipes and mind-enhancing drugs (but he emphasized they only enhanced his powers and were not the source of them). One apparently bestowed on him a mirror during one of his meditations. The mirror was especially important to his predictions.

Nostradamus also talked of using different crystals to focus on various telepathic frequencies. Occasionally he refers to staring at fire or water (such as in a bowl on a tripod) as a way of focusing his mind. He had access to some lost works of mysticism from his travels (apparently to some Moslem lands). He communicated with other expert astrologers and mystical teachers. However it is possible that some of his notes about and explanations of his techniques were a means of throwing the Inquisition off track.

One of the most amazing possibilities explored in various places in the D.Cannon books was that in a sort of “twist of time” Nostradamus was tapping into the subconscious of the people from the future who contacted him. D.Cannon talks about this in the introduction of II.


– Soft covers
By Dolores Cannon







B 1- $40.00

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B 5- $41.0

B 6- $40.00

– Soft cover
By David A. Ash

With clear argument and helpful illustrations Ash provides a framework for the universe in which the laws of physics and the laws of spirit become one. Ash’s enthusiasm, humour and inspired observations make him a fascinating writer.


– Hard cover
By Adrian Gilbert

This is the latest book by Adrian and is, in his opinion, the most important that he has yet written. Flowing from his earlier work, most especially Magi, it presents entirely new material linking the Bible with the Hermetic traditions of Egypt, Persia and Mesopotamia.

The prophets of the ancient world, in their search for a fixed calendar on which to insribe dates for events far in the future, looked to the skies. In a world before electric light, the fixed and immutable firmament was nearly always visible at night. The revolution of the stars and the progression of the constellations making up the zodiac gave measurements of time more accurate and long lasting than any watch. Thus it was that Man derived his calendar from the cosmos itself. Many of the greatest works of the ancient world were designed to be mark out the natural cycles of time traced by the sun, moon and stars. In particular the astrologically aligned pyramids and obelisks of Egypt were designed to record the progress of the years, counting down steadily to year 0: the end of one age and the birth of another.


– Soft cover
By Shirley Andrews

The legend of lost Atlantis turns to fact as Shirley Andrews uniquely correlates a wealth of information from more than 100 classical and Atlantean scholars, scientists, and psychics to describe the country and its inhabitants.


– Soft cover
By Eleanor Harris

Revive the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians with this practical manual that explains their divination and magical practices! Ancient Egyptian Divination And Magic is a liberating work for anyone who has ever been intrigued by ancient Egyptian magic and deities. Easy instructions for learning to work with Egyptian hieroglyphics and phonetics so you can say the words.


– Soft cover
By Linda Lane Magallon

Have you ever had the experience of sharing a dream with another person, only to discover that they had a similar dream themselves? Or to read about a stranger’s dream and to recognize it as your own? These are examples of the fascinating phenomena of mutual dreaming, where two or more dreamers, known or unknown to each other, share the same dream. Through her research, author Linda Lane Magallon, long interested in dream telepathy and other forms of psychic dreaming, has identified two main types of mutual dreams: Meeting Dreams, in which two or more dreamers encounter each other, often taking the form of dream romances, shared nightmares, out-of-body experiences and lucid meetings, and Meshing Dreams, in which people view the world from another’s perspective, actually sharing the same dream. The book is organized into five main parts: Introduction to Mutual Dreams, Ways and Whys of Dreaming Together. How to Dream Together, New Field Research, and Results of Research. This structure serves to illuminate the author’s research findings; discuss concepts and premises of mutual dreaming and to present workable techniques for deliberate attempts at mutual dreaming. Whether you’re simply interested in the idea of sharing dreams, or you’d like to experiment yourself, Linda Lane Magallon’s new book is sure to delight.


– Hard cover
By Laurie A. Baum

This book is an absolutely wonderful guidebook, taking the reader through the Astrological cycles from the early 90’s up to 2012 and beyond…. for those people that want to understand the current global changes and the directions that the different signs will be moving in it is an absolutely wonderful guidebook…..very easy to read and understand yet full of depth and insight. The reader is taken on a journey through each sun sign and how it is being affected by the Uranus/Neptune placements in Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces….very useful book in looking at patterns for the coming 10 years…..also contains information regarding overall planetary cycles and how those affect us as well. I have been studying Astrology for over 25 years and found this to be one of the most well written books ever….one that I can’t put down, my compliments to the author on a masterpiece



– Soft cover
By Theodore J. Nottingham

Part-way through the next century, in an age of global unification, a man appears out of nowhere with extraordinary powers and a radical wisdom that electrifies some and horrifies others. An old professor worst discovers the prophecy of his coming. He is the herald of the age of transition — the great Tribulation foretold in all cultures for centuries. He must speak to the world before it plunges into chaos. But great forces are against him, especially those of the religious world. His message is universal and critical for the evolution of humanity.


Considering the diminution’s of personal freedoms now in the works after September 11, the author has hit the mark squarely, offering us a taste of what the future might be like if we let fear rule our value judgments. It also explains the solution: complete awareness of Being and Self in all actions, leading to a morality that is situational, but true. Well written and thought provoking.